Frisee Lettuce

Product Details

As its name suggests, frisée is a curly lettuce whose long tender leaves are joined to a short whitish stem which somewhat resembles the base of the fennel plant.

» If you plan to keep the lettuce for a few days, first rinse it in cold water and shake it before putting it into the vegetable crisper, in a fairly large open bag or wrapped in a damp cloth.
» Tightly closed packaging does not allow the lettuce to breathe and will make it rot. Be sure that air can circulate around the leaves.
» Frisée lettuce is fragile and will not tolerate freezing. Do not dress it until just before serving, acidity as found in vinegar will make it wilt.

» Do not drop; frisee lettuce is susceptible to bruising.
» Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.
» Avoid placing the case or raw product on counter tops to help prevent the potential for cross contamination.

» Prep only enough lettuce for immediate use. Try not to use prepared product from the previous day.
» Always use sharp knives to prep. Cutting with dull knives cause excessive cell damage and hasten browning.
» Remove wilted, damaged, bruised or discoloured leaves and discard before washing.
» Store prepared product in refrigerator.